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Lee Family Reunion - History


This is a brief history of how our Lee families' migration to overseas


Our Lee ancestors can be traced back to as early as Tang Dynasty (唐朝) Emperor Lee Yuan (李淵) in year 600s (can we say, we all have Royal blood? Ha! Ha!).

The Lee from our Hometown Jiang Kou ( 江口) , actually began with our first generation Lee Zhao Qi
(李 肇器, [始 祖]), the start of our Jiang Kou 江口 generations,  during the Ming Dynasty, between year 1368-1673 (refer to Genealogy Page for details).  Over the years, many of the subsequent generations had been involved in high ranking civil official positions in different dynasties and governments.  The 15th Generation Lee Tzer Shyan 李澤咸(孟珠),elder son of Lee Jian Bin 李健賓 and Chen Pu De 陳普德(mother),was a Transport Minister secretary交通秘書長 cum Food Minister 糧食部長 during the 40s.  Because of his position, he was posted to many cities on a regular basis and that's why most of my brothers and sisters were born in different cities.  Their given names are somewhat related to the cities where they were born.
李川東 - born in Szechuan (四川)
李京華 - born in NanJing (南京)
李龍華 - born in Kowloon (九龍)

Of course some of the names given are not related to the city but to the events or situations like:
李衛東 - born during world war II that father was fighting to protect the country. 保衛國家
李壽東 - born during the year Grandmother's 60th birthday 六十大壽
李寅中 - born during year of Tiger (寅年)

My Father had gone through the 2nd world war as well as civil war.  Unfortunately the reigning government lost the civil war in 1949 and he had to flee to Hong Kong alone.  My mother was pregnant at that time and therefore not able to go along.  It was not until two years after my birth, that my mother single-handedly brought 5 children and a maid, fled to Hong Kong by foot going over hundreds of miles.  Unfortunately she had no choice but to leave behind in China 3 other children, Brother #2 (Yu Dong), Sister #2 (Bin Wah) & Brother #5 (Shou Dong).  This was her most upsetting memory of her life, as she was telling the story to us.

When China was liberated in 1949, the Lee family owned houses, land, hotels, shops & valuables were all confiscated by the communist government and the Lee family had to moved to FuZhou city (福州) renting a place called Shuo Yuan (碩園)from father's good friend。My Grandma Chen Po De 陳普德,was a dedicated Buddhist with a generous heart and always giving out rice and free foods to poor neighbors or those in need.  Even as we were in a worst shape after moving to FuZhou, she continued to take care of the poors as reflected in father's poem.

Below is a poem written in 1963 by my father in remembrance of his mother's 80th birthday, pretty much sums up his heart, feeling for his mother, country and the family:


我們鄉下的祖先應該從我們始祖李肇器在明朝年代 (1368-1673) 移居到江口開始
錦江李社初祖)。 經歷多年,我們多位的祖先都在不同朝代當了文官。第十三祖李揚輝為清朝的奉政大夫(五品官)。我的 祖父是李建賓(第十四祖)。

我的父親李澤咸(孟珠)- 第十五祖,是民國年代的交通部秘書長兼量食部長。因爲工作的關係,經常被調派到不 同城 市管理,所以我有幾個兄姐妹都在不同的城市出生。而他們的名字與這城市有關:
李川東 - 四川
李京華 - 南京
李龍華 - 九龍

李衛東 - 保衛國家(抗戰年代)
李壽東 - 祖母六十大壽
李寅中 - 虎年(寅年)

我的父親經歷過兩次抗戰,雖然第二次世界大戰勝利了,但其後卻敗於内戰,國民黨政府敗退至台灣而我 父親則個人逃 至香港。我媽媽卓雪今因爲有了我,不方便逃走,要等我出世兩年後才單人帶了五個小孩及一個傭人,經 過千哩,徒步逃難至香港和我父親會合。但也因沒能力,只有留下二哥(毓東),二姐(彬華),五哥 (壽東)在 中國。這也是媽媽經常向我們提起這是她終生十分遺憾的事。

在1949年大陸被解放後,李家所有的財產(金錢,房子,地皮,商店,酒店等)全都被沒收了。李家 只有遷往到福州市而向爸爸的好朋友關先生租了碩園的一棟三層樓的樓房。我祖母是個虔誠的佛教徒。平 常都經常提供米,食物給附近貧窮的鄰居,親戚或需要幫忙的人士。就算到了福州自己條件已經很差的時 候,她還是依然要照顧鄰居。這可以在爸爸的詩句内看到的。

以下為我父親與1963年在他媽媽八十嵗壽辰時寫的一首詩,母壽感懷。可以導出他對母親的懷念,對 國家和家庭的 感受。

            孟 洙
記得老母 五旬壽,父逝南歸百感滋,循體三年伴阿母,養雞曬谷 依膝前。
抗日軍書頻頻摧,母 勉報國重孝 親,走馬風塵兩回顧,八年離難一條心。
差幸勝利奏凱音,中華民族頂頭 興,金桂香飄秋光好,欣祝阿母六二辰。
季子創業滬江濱,兒亦浮遊客金陵,菽水奉承爭迎養,一歲申江 一歲京。
那知好景不常留,遠方消息感慨深,滄桑幾更世事變,六六生辰 聚榕城。
田園蕪矣危難臨,猶念親友貧病人,節衣縮食兼拆蓄,楊枝沾水 洒鄉鄰。
灘頭流湍風雨侵,受苦受難又受驚,兒求阿母自珍重,母淚送兒 順利行。
人生難得七旬壽,咫尺之間隔長城,因人碌碌無所報,一支禿筆 一顆心。

濡 筆至此,不禁感慨萬千,回想過去,瞻望將來,使我更堅強了信心, 必將永遠依

再添一籌母八十,老萊當年戲 娛新,兒亦垂垂近老年,熊熊之心如火熾。

母微笑時兒大笑,母輕吟時兒狂吟,母三碗飯兒六碗,兒能健飯母 歡 欣。

Version translated in English (courtesy of  the Showalters) 英文版由京華和邵懷德提供翻譯:

Reflection on Mother’s Birthdays – by Meng Chu (Lee Tzer Shyan)

Remember Mother’s fiftieth birthday

Father had just passed away

I follow the tradition of staying at home three years

To be with mother raising chicks and drying crops.

With the frequent call to arms against Japanese aggression

Mother reluctantly accepts my patriotic response to serve the country

But reminds me not to forget the family 

Traveling back and forth while serving in the army
Eight years apart cannot separate my heart from mother

Trumpet sounds a victorious end to the war

Chinese people celebrate a new prosperity

Fall arrives with fragrant flowers
Joyously I celebrate Mother's sixty-second birthday 

Youngest brother begins business in Shanghai

I travel to Nanjing

We all want to take care of Mother
She spends a year in Shanghai and another in Nanjing

Sadly the garden never stays green forever

Urgent news from afar depresses all of us

Countries and families change over time
We gather in Fuzhou to celebrate Mother's 66th birthday. 

Land and farms are deserted

Disaster is falling all around us

Considering family and relatives who are poor and sick

We eat less food and live simply
Like a spreading willow we share what we have with neighbors

Powerful currents as the wind blows hard

We all suffer and are in shock 

I implore Mother to take care of herself
As she sends me off with tearful eyes

With gratefulness comes her seventieth birthday

We are so near yet so far

I have achieved nothing and have nothing to offer my mother

Except my pen and a warm heart

So far as I write I am filled with all kinds of mixed emotions.
Looking back over the past while looking forward to the future and I am more determined and confident that I will continue to write and sing the poem of Mother’s great love.

Another ten years—mother’s eightieth

As the aging Lao Lai entertained his parents

So in my approaching old age
My heart burns with passion

Whether or not I achieve success or fame

I will follow my mother in a sedan chair

When Mother walks one step I take one
When she coughs I cough along

When Mother smiles I laugh

When Mother whispers a poem I sing the poem aloud

When Mother has three bowls of rice I eat six
When I eat more Mother is happy

Mother would tell me all the deeds of our ancestors 

I will tell my children and grandchildren the stories of our nation 

By now the country is at peace
Everywhere people celebrate and live peacefully 

Enjoy the country in spring and autumn.

Winter hot pot and summer drinks in a bamboo forest

I am here to serve you though I am a thousand miles away
I will follow you from earth to heaven

We meet again in a hundred years or thousand

We will be reborn again and again intimately as mother and son 

Mother’s hair is now as white as my beard
We both enjoy watching children and grandchildren grow up

Above poem is one of the many poems written by father over the years.  If you like to read more, you can go to this 孟洙詩集 Poems page.

Here is the beginning of Lee family migration to overseas in chronological order:

Brother #1 Lee Shu Dong elected as Government National Assembly representing Putien District
大哥李序中(東) 當選國大代表(莆田縣)

Brother #1 Lee Shu Dong moved to Hong Kong
大哥李序東移居香 港

Father Lee Tzer-Shyan fled to Hong Kong
父親李澤咸由中國 逃離至香港

Sister in law #1 Wu Chui Jun, Cho-Ying, Cho-Ning fled to Hong Kong to join Brother #1
大嫂,祖英,祖寧 逃至香港和大哥會合

Mother Cho Suk-Chun brought 5 children (Chong Wah, Peter, Paul, Christina, William) and a maid(Bi Juan) fled to Hong Kong
母親卓雪今帶了五 小孩(仲華,川東,衛東,京華,寅中)及女嫞(碧娟)逃至香港和父親會合。

Father, Mother and 6 children (Chong Wah, Peter, Paul, Christina, William, Anna) moved to Kuching, Sarawak by Cargo ship which took us 7 days.
Father became Dean of Studies at Kuching #2 High School.
父母帶了六個小孩(仲華,川東,衛 東,京華,寅中,龍華)移居沙撈越古晉。當時是用了七天時間坐貨船由香港去古 晉。父親在古晉第二中學當上了訓導主任。

Kuching High School #2   古晉第二中學
Father seated 7th position from left

Mother opened Padungan Kindergarten in Kuching
母親在古晉開辦了 浮羅岸幼稚園

Shou Dong and Grandma visited Kuching and eventually Shou Dong remained in Hong Kong
壽東和祖母到古晉 探親而後來壽東留下在香港。

Father moved to Jesselton (now called Kota Kinabalu) to start up a private High school called Kian Kok Middle School and became Principal.  Mother handed over her kindergarten to Chong Wah and followed father to Jesselton
父親移去沙巴州亞 庇市(現叫哥打金拿巴魯)開辦了建國中學而當了校長。媽媽移交了幼稚園給仲華後跟隨父親去了亞庇。

Christina, William & Anna moved to Jesselton to join parents (Peter & Paul already went to Taipei to study university)
京華,寅中,龍華 也在這一年去了亞庇。(川東,衛東已經去了台北讀大學)

Shou Dong went to Taipei for further study and eventually settled down in Taiwan
壽東去了台北念書 也後來落地生根了。

Whole family returned from Malaysia back to Hong Kong
全家從亞庇囘歸香 港

Grandma passed away

Cho-Ning passed away

Pin Wah, Zenobia & Xiao Ling moved from China to Hong Kong
彬華,小奕,小靈 南移至香 港

Kar-Chung & Xiao Dan joining Pin Wah family in Hong Kong
嘉中,小丹到香港 會合彬華

Father passed away

Sister-in-Law #1 Ng Chuei-Kwan passed away

Lily married to Denny and became American citizen
祖莘嫁了給袁廣楨 而成爲美國公民

Brother #1 Shu-Dong passed away

Christina married to Nathan Showalter and became American Citizens but now they are both working in Shanghai
京華嫁了給邵懷德 而成爲美國公民。但現在兩人都在上海做事。

Ying Ying married to Chee Kong and residing in Kuala Lumpur
盈盈嫁給志光而在 吉隆玻定居

William & family, Paul & family migrated to Vancouver, Canada
寅中和家人;衛東 和家人移民到加拿大溫哥華

Ali & Maygee migrated to Canada Toronto
祖祥和美智移民到 加拿大多倫多

Sam obtained her US green card, became US permanent resident & moved to Atlanta in 1992
珊珊獲得美國綠卡 成爲美國居民後在1992年移居阿特蘭大

Paul & Family returned to Hong Kong

Elaine migrated to US Atlanta

Ali & Maygee returned to Hong Kong
祖祥,美智囘流香 港

Sister #1 Lee Chong Wah passed away

 1994 Zenobia married to Eugene and residing in Taipei 李奕嫁了給林逸群而在台北定居

Mother passed away

Peter joined Elaine in Atlanta
川東會合宜蘭在 美國阿特蘭大

Brother-in-Law #2 Lee Kar-Chung passed away

Jonathan passed away

Anna & Julie migrated to USA Lancaster

Alan joined Anna in Lancaster
聯盛會合龍華在蘭 卡士特

 2007 Pin-Wah & Fang Yang-Hung married and residing in Hong Kong
彬華,永宏結婚而 在香港定居

Amy married to Joseph Chen and residing in New York

John married Mei and settled down in New York
祖紹和波多也,芽 衣結 婚而定居紐約

Brother in law #1 Tan Tak Seng passed away

Ling Lee working in Singapore and residing there
李靈在新加玻工作 定居

Cho-Ying Passed away

Julie married to Shin Sumitomo and settled down in Boston
祖莉嫁了給住有信 而在波士頓定居

Brother #2 Yuk Dong passed away

 2014 Eli now working and residing in New York
邵意來現在紐約工 作居住

  This is a portion of hand written testament by mother recorded in 1985 calling for solidarity of Lee Family:

The war caused our family to settle in different places.  All the brothers and sisters have plans of their own.  Do not be tempted with gossip or prejudice.  Solidarity will keep the Lee family strong.  Care for each other.  Interact frequently. 

"Prosperity comes from family harmony" - Everyone should bear this famous quote in mind.

(translated by the the Showalters)
由京華 和邵懷德提供翻譯
這是媽媽在1985年手寫的部份 遺言,希望後代能團結一致,承續李家的精神:

亂世漂零,諸兒女們各自為計,不可以無謂是非,而存偏見。希望團結一致而振家聲。互相關注,時常來 往。


This is Father's Motto:

Just Believe in Oneself

Never Rely on Others

Here are family photos over the years.  多年來的家庭照:

1920s - 1940s 二十至四十年代

祖父 - 李健賓 在二十年代
Grand Father in 1920s

祖父 - 李健賓
Grand Father

祖母 - 陳普德
Grand Mother

Father & mother in 1930s

Chong Wah, Cho Ying, Shou Dong, Yuk Dong
Paul, Peter, Pin Wah

後排: 二叔,京華/爸爸,晞中
仲 華,雪茵,瓊芳,
中排: 二姑/明中,大姑,媽媽,大嫂
前排: 彬森,川東,衛東,祖母/祖寧,祖英,嘉中,壽東/彬華

1950s  五十年代

1950 Fu Zhou - Shuo Yuan 福州碩園
後排: 川東,彬華,仲華,彬森,祖 炎,嘉中
前排: 京華,衛東,壽東,祖母/寅中,祖寧,祖英,明中
Back: Peter, Pin Wah, Chong Wah, BinShen, Zu Yan, Kar-Chong
Front: Christina, Paul, Shou Dong, Grandma/William, Cho-Ning, Cho-Ying, Ming Zong

This is Fu-Zhou Shuo Yuan 60 years later (Picture taken in 2011)
這是碩園六十年後 (2011 所照)

碩 園的資料 Info on Shuo-Yuan

This is Fu-Zhou Shuo Yuan 60 years later (Picture taken in 2011)
這是碩園六十年後 (2011 所照)

This is Fu-Zhou Shuo Yuan 60 years later (Picture taken in 2011)
這是碩園六十年後 (2011 所照)

1952 年媽媽獨自帶我們和大姐逃離大陸去香港
1952 mother single-handedly brought all of us in here plus sister #1, walking thousand of miles, fleeing from China to Hong Kong
Mother, William, Bi Juan(Maid), Christina, Paul, Peter

1952 年逃離前在上海全家照 (二哥去了參軍)
Before fleeing China, Picture taken in Shanghai
衛東,仲華,川東,京 華,彬華,寅中,壽東,媽媽
Paul,Chong Wah,Peter,Christina,Pin Wah,William, Shou Dong, Mother

Pin Wah, Shou Dong and Yuk Dong were left behind in China
Picture taken in 1954

1954  香港北角公園 North Point Park in HK
Standing: Chong Wah, Peter
Sitting: Cho-Ning, Sis-in-Law #1, Paul, Mom, William, Christina, Cho-Ying

前: 寅中
Paul, Mother, Maid/Anna, Christina
Front: William

  川東(Peter),寅中(William),爸爸,祖莘(Lily),序東 (ShuDong)

1956 Hong Kong

1956 Shatin,New Terrotory, HK 新界沙田

1956 Hong Kong
Cho-Ning & William

1957 Kuching
後排: 川東,
爸爸,媽媽,仲 華
前排: 寅中,龍華,衛 東,京華

1957 Kuching
Chong Wah, William, Father, Christina, Peter, Anna. Mother, Paul
in front of Sarawak Museum, Kuching

1958 Kuching
Paul, Chris & William in Kuching 7 story apartment

1960s   六十年代

後排: 川東,仲華,達生,衛東,京華
前排: 寅中,媽媽,爸爸,龍華
Back: Peter, Chong Wah, Tat Seng, Paul, Christina
Front:  William, Mother, Father, Anna

1962 年祖母到訪古晉 (四代同堂)
1962 Grandma visiting Kuching (4 generations here)
Paul, Chong Wah, Christina, William, Tak-Seng, Shou Dong
Anna, Mother, Chong Ling, Grandma/SamSam,Father, Xin Hua

1965 序東到訪古晉
1965 Shu Dong visiting Kuching

1965 moving from Kuching to Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu)

1965 Peter & our American car Ford Zephyr
川東和我們的美國車 Ford Zephyr

1966 our Japanese Car Isuzu
Mother, being a very rare and few female driver during those times,was all our brothers and sisters' driving coach in getting our driving licenses.

1966 Jesselton 亞庇

1966 Taipei  壽東在台北

1967 年川東宜蘭在亞庇結婚
1967 Peter & Elaine married in Kota Kinabalu

1967 Kuching 古晉
Sam Sam, Tak Seng, Chong Ling, Chong Wah, Ying Ying

Willaim joined Kian Kok School's basketball team that won the city's Junior Basketball Open Championship

1968 Kuching 古晉
盈盈,忠麟,珊 珊
Ying Ying, Chong Ling, Sam Sam

1968 Jesselton Airport 亞庇機場

1968 Jesselton city town center 亞庇市面貌

1970s     七十年代

1970 媽媽和祖紹
Mother & John

1973 Shum Shui Po Home  深水埗家

1973 Singapore  新加坡文華大酒店
William, Father, Mother at Hotel Mandarin Singapore

1973 Taipei 台北

1973 Taipei  attending Shou Dong's graduation ceremony
台北 參加壽東畢業典禮

1978 Kuching at Padungan Kindergarten 古晉

1978 Mei Foo Sun Chuen 美孚新村

1978 Mei Foo Sun Chuen Home 美孚新村家
丹桂,祖謙/寅 中,燕萍,龍華,宜 蘭,大嫂,祖莘,京華,衛東
小靈,小奕,彬 華,祖芬,,媽媽,爸爸,序東,紹,川東

1978 Shatin  沙田

1978 Hong Kong 香港

1978 Hong Kong  香港

1978  Jonathan,Amy  祖漢,祖芸

1978 Kuching 古晉
盈盈(Ying Ying),忠麟(Chong Ling),珊珊(Sam Sam)
仲華(Chong Wah),達生(Tak Seng)

衛東(Paul),京華(Chris),祖紹(John),祖英(Cho Ying)

1980s     八十年代

1980 Jackson's full month  祖誠滿月
紹,祖謙祖芬,小 靈

1980 Father's 75th birthday  父親七十五嵗慶典
小丹,世明,京華,燕萍,寅中,壽東,韻清, 龍華,蔭祖,小奕
嘉中,彬華/祖漢,達生,仲華,媽媽/祖誠,爸 爸,川東,宜蘭/祖芸,衛 東,丹桂
小 靈,祖芬,紹,祖蓓祖謙

1981  Father's 76th birthday at Mei Foo Residence  爸爸生日在美孚新村

1981  Tak Seng's birthday at Mei Foo

1981  Anna & Alan's wedding  龍華,聯盛結婚日

1982 香港海洋公園


1983  二哥毓東探訪香港  Yuk Dong visiting HK

1984  Jackson's birthday at home

1984 at Paul's Residence  衛東家

1984  Zu-Huai & Xue Jin's wedding  雪晶,祖懷

1985  二叔到訪香港  Uncle #2 visiting HK

1985  attending Chong Ling and Angela's wedding 
媽媽(Mother),志光(Chee-Kong),盈盈(Ying Ying),寅中(William),衛東(Paul)

1985 Mother's Birthday  媽媽生日

1985 Chong Wah's birthday 仲華生日 

1985  Tak Seng's birthday  達生生日

1985  X'mas Party at Paul's Residence  衛東家

斌斌(Angela),祖誠(Jackson)/忠麟 (ChongLing)

1986  Mother's 75th Birthday at HK Banker's club  媽媽七十五嵗壽辰

1986  Lily & Denny's wedding  祖莘,廣楨婚禮

1987 at William's Residence

1987 at Paul's Residence

1987 Julie & Janet's birthday  祖莉,祖蔚生日

1987 祖祥,美智婚禮  Ali & Maygee wedding

1987 祖祥,美智婚禮  Ali & Maygee wedding

1987 Christina & Nathan's wedding  京華,邵懷德婚禮



1987 Mei Foo 美孚

1988  Mei Foo 美孚

1988 Vancouver  加拿大
Janet & Jackson 祖蔚,祖誠

1988 香港 Hong Kong

1989 Vancouver at William's Residence 溫哥華寅中家
Mother & Anna family visiting Vancouver

1989 Vancouver 溫哥華
Jackson(祖誠), Janet(祖蔚), Amy(祖芸), Jonathan(祖漢)

1989 Shou Dong & Family visiting Vancouver

1990s & after    九十年代

1990 mother's 80th birthday

1990 mother with her sons & daughters (16th generations)
寅中(William),衛東(Paul),川東(Peter),壽東(Shou Dong)
龍華(Anna),仲華(Chong Wah),媽媽(Mother),彬華(Pin Wah),京華(Christina)

聯盛(Alan),嘉中(Ka-Chung),寅中(William),衛東(Paul),祖英 (Cho-Ying),川東(Peter),壽東(Shou-Dong),邵意來(Eli),邵懷德 (Nathan),祖漢(Jonathan)
祖芸(Amy),龍華(Anna),韻清(Yun-Ching),仲華(Chong-Wah),媽媽 (Mother),彬華(Pin-Wah),宜蘭(Elaine),祖莉(Julie),京華 (Christina)

1992 Kuching Mother's 82nd birthday

1993 Pin Wah family visiting Vancouver

1993 Kuching
Angela, Chong Ling, Sarah, Tak-Seng, Mother, Chong Wah

1996 Hong Kong Mother's funeral 媽媽喪禮

1996 Hong Kong (16th Generations brothers & sisters)
寅中(William),衛東(Paul),毓東(Yuk-Dong),川東(Peter),壽東 (Shou-Dong)

1996 Transit Singapore Escorting mother's body to Kuching
過境新加玻 (護送媽媽的靈軆去古晉

1997 Atlanta visiting Peter's Residence
Jackson, Janet, William, Vendy, SamSam, Chris, Eli, Nathan, John, Elaine, Peter

2012 Hong Kong attending Cho-Ying's funeral
祖祥,寅中,壽 東,衛東,永宏,祖謙,懷 德,家睿
丹桂,彬華,京華,美智,祖 莘

2013 Yuk-Dong's Funeral service in Shanghai

2014 Hong Kong
壽東(Shou Dong),衛東(Paul),彬華(Pin Wah)

2015 Dec
川東(Peter), 祖紹 (John,, 波 多野,芽衣(Hatano Mei)
祖蓓(Joyce), 家文(Hatano Hugo), 馬 宜蘭(Elaine)

2016 Feb
魏填喜(Ngai Tin-Hei), 李 丹(Rebecca),  魏 子淳(Jason), 彬華(Bin Wah)

2016 Jun
劉 棟(Liu Dong), 汪洋(Wang Yang)
祖懷(Zu Huai), 沈國民(Sim Guo-Ming)

2016 Jun
左:  祖蓉(Zu Rong), 祖懷(Zu Huai), 祖薔(ZuQian), 吳 溢芳(Wu YeeFang), 祖薇(ZuWei)
右: 魏雪晶(Wei Xue Jin), 祖懷(Zu Huai)

2016 Jun
祖蓓(Joyce), 祖莉(Julie),住友(Shin),
住友乃 亞(Noah)

2016 Jun
Same pose after 28years!!  二十八年后

2016 Aug
邵意來(Eli),家文(Hatano Hugo),邵懷德(Nathan),祖紹 (John),波 多野,芽衣(
Hatano Mei)

2016 Aug
祖莘(Lily), 祖蓓(Joyce),
川東(Peter), 馬 宜蘭(Elaine),
祖紹(John),家文(Hatano Hugo), 波 多野,芽衣(Hatano Mei),袁 廣楨(Danny Yuen)

2016 Sep Lily/Danny's visit to Vancouver
祖莘(Lily)袁廣楨(Danny Yuen),家 睿(Frederick), 祖誠(Jackson), 呂穎欣(Winnie),祖蔚(Janet)

2016 Nov the Showalters visiting Taipei
京華(Christina), 林韻清(Yun Chin), 壽東(Shou Dong), 邵懷德(Nathan)

2016 Nov the Showalters visiting Kuala Lumpur
辛 志光(Chee Kong), 京華(Christina), 邵 懷德(Nathan)

2016 Nov Lily in Taipei - 全女將
祖莘(Lily)彬華(Bin Wah), 李 奕(Zenobia)
林 子晴(Jennie), 李 丹(Rebecca), 李 靈(Ling), 林子涵(Jessie)

2016 Nov Taipei
川東(Peter), 宜蘭(Elaine), 衛東(Paul)

2016 Dec Shanghai The Showalters visiting new born great grand niece
邵 懷德(Nathan), 京華(Christina), 婁珊(Wei Shan), 李巍(Lee Wei)
穆霏 (Mu Fei)

2016 Dec Greetings from the Sun's Family

2016 Dec Greetings from Atlanta

2016 Dec Greetings from the Showalters

2017 Jan Greetings from Shanghai

2017 Jan Greetings from Kuala Lumpur

2017 Jan Greetings from Kuching

2017 Jan Sidney(陳哲匯), Sarah(陳 雅玲), Shannon(陳 馨玲)

2017 Jan Greetings from Hong Kong
魏 子淳(Jason), 魏填喜(Ngai Tin-Hei), 李 丹(Rebecca),  李 靈(Ling), 彬華(Bin Wah), 方 永宏(Fang Yong-Hong)

John visiting HK in Mar 2017

John, Ali & Family visiting HK in Mar 2017

Peter, Elaine & Joyce visiting HK - Apr 2017

Peter, Elaine & Joyce visiting HK - Apr 2017

Peter, Elaine & Joyce visiting HK - Apr 2017

Peter, Elaine & Joyce visiting HK - Apr 2017

Farewell dinner to the Showalters, leaving Shanghai for good - Apr 2017

The two cousins Noah & Hugo - Aug 2017

Lily & Denny visiting Vancouver - Sep 2017

Lily & Denny visiting Vancouver - Sep 2017

Cousins met in New York - Nov 2017

The Showalters in Malaysia with Ying Ying & Chee Kong - Nov 2017

The Showalters in Taipei with Shou Dong family - Nov 2017

懷念父親,請觀賞這動人的一首歌“爸爸”,送給所有的爸 爸們!!
Miss my Dad, please enjoy this touching song "Pa Pa" by Paul Anka, dedicated to all the Fathers

Everyday my papa would work to try to make ends meet

每一天我爸爸 都努力工作,好讓收支平衡
To see that we would eat, keep those shoes upon my feet
確 保我們有飯可吃,讓我們腳上有鞋可穿
Every night my papa would take and tuck me in my bed
每 天晚上爸爸都會帶我上床,為我蓋被
Kiss me on my head after all my prayers were said
在 說完所有禱告之後親吻我的額頭

And there were years, of sadness and of tears
Through it all, Together we were strong, We were strong
The times were rough
But Papa he was tough
And, Mama, she stood beside him all along

Growing up with him was easy
在 他身邊成長非常輕鬆
Time just flew on by
時 間就這樣飛逝
The years began to fly
歲 月的腳步開始越來越快
They aged but so did I
他 有了年歲,我也一樣

I could tell that mama wasn't well
我 可以看出媽媽身體不太好
Papa knew and deep down so did she, so did she
爸 爸知道,而在內心深處她也明瞭,她也明瞭
When she died, my papa broke down and cried
當 她過世,爸爸崩潰並且哭泣
All he could say was, "God, why her take me?"
他 只是說,「上帝啊,為什麼不帶我走?」

Every night he sat there sleeping in his rocking chair
每 天晚上他都坐在他的搖椅裡面睡覺
He never went upstairs, all because she wasn't there
他 從不上樓去,只因為她不在那裡
Then one day my papa said, "Son, I'm proud how you've grown.
然 後有一天我爸爸說,「兒子,我很高興看到你長得這麼好
Make it on your own. Oh, I'll be O.K. alone."
去 打你自己的天下,我自己一個可以平安無事的。」

He said, "There are things you must do, places you must see"
And his eyes were sad as he, as he said goodbye to me
Every time I kiss my children, Papa's words ring true
每 一次我親吻我的孩子,爸爸的話就會在耳邊迴響
"Your children live through you, they'll grow and leave you, too"
「你 的孩子延續你的生命,他們也將長大,並且離開你。」

I remember every word my papa used to say
我 記得爸爸過去常說的每一句話
I kiss my kids and I pray.
當我親吻小孩的時 候我都在祈禱
That they will think,think of me that way......Someday
希 望他們也都這樣記得我的話.......有一天



懷念母親,請觀賞這動 人的一首歌“時間都去那兒啦”,送給所有的媽媽 們!!
Miss my Mom, please enjoy this touching song "Where has the Time gone", dedicated to all the Mothers

門前 老樹長新芽



The old tree before the door has grown new shoots
The dead tree in the yard is blooming again
I’ve held on to so many words over a lifetime
— stored them in a head of white hair

In my memory a girl with little feet
and a chubby little mouth
I gave her my love for a lifetime
All for the sound of “mum” and “dad”

Where has the time gone?
I haven’t yet enjoyed youth and I’m already old
Raising sons and daughters for a lifetime
My mind is full of children crying and laughing

Where has the time gone?
I still haven’t taken care of you properly,
and my eyes are already failing
Daily necessities for a lifetime
In the blink of an eye,
all that’s left is a face full of wrinkles



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