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Lee Family Reunion

麥當勞餐廳集合  Gathering at McDonald Causeway Bay

邵懷德一家人  Showalter Family

參加者  Participants

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter wharf 銅鑼灣避風塘碼頭

中國帆船遊 Chinese Junk Boat Cruise

Chinese Junk Boat Cruise

人工哹吸  Practice Resuscitation

What a big catch  好大的魚

Chris small boat capsized  京華翻船了

Buffet Lunch on the Junk Boat


All you can eat Mini Hotpot 任食個人小火渦

碼頭去大嶼山  Pier to Lantau Island

Jason Ngai and Jessie Lin 魏子淳 和 林子涵

嶼景灣銀城海鮮酒家  Silvermine Bay Restaurant

嶼景灣銀礦灣酒店  Silvermine Beach Resort Hotel

Buffet Breakfast at Silvermine Beach Resort Hotel


家庭分享時分   Family Sharing time......


Buffet Breakfast at Hotel  酒店自助早餐

Chartered Van for one Day Tour 包車一日遊

First stop, Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery

聳立著世界最高戶外青銅坐佛─ 天壇大佛


品嚐齋菜 Vegetarian Restaurant

Jason Ngai 魏子淳

Singing Bird Jessie Lin 歌鳥 - 林子涵

Janet Go.. Go.. Go..

Eli Go.. Go.. Go..



碼頭囘程去香港  Ferry back to HK

Day trip to ShenZhen 九鉄經羅湖深圳一日游

Lo Wo, ShenZhen 羅湖深圳一日游

Dim Sum at Lo Wo City 點心午餐

Shop till you drop....


Return to HK in First Class 頭等火車囘香港

泉章居告別晚餐  Farewell dinner at Chuen Cheung Kui Restaurant

香港灣仔皇悅酒店  The Empire Hong Kong Hotel

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Last updated on 02 September 2018