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Lee Family Reunion

家庭聚會制服(珊珊代表作)  Reunion uniforms - Great work by Sam Sam

祖莘,廣楨提供零食  Snacks for Bus tour - Courtesy of Lily & Denny


Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas

大峽谷一日遊  Tour Bus to Grand Canyon

Day Tour to Grand Canyon

湖佛水壩  Hoover Dam

自助午餐  Buffet Lunch at Quality Inn along the way

大峽谷 The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Takeout from Chinese Restaurant


Bellagio - Conservatory

Bellagio - Art Gallery Entrance

Hotel Aladdin



Bellagio Lobby

早餐  Breakfast at Burger King, O'Sheas Casino

Breakfast at Burger King

The Strip (South)  賭城大道

View of Hotel Paris

Bellagio Casino & Hotel

Inside of Paris Hotel

Group photo at Piazza, Dessert Passage

View of Monte Carlo Hotel  夢地卡羅酒店

Underground Shops   地下街

地鐵  MonoRail between MGM Grand & Bally's

自助午餐  Buffet Lunch at the Bally's

Caesar's Palace Casino & Hotel

自助晚餐  Buffet Dinner at Caesar's Palace

Venetian  Casino & Hotel  威尼斯人酒店

Venetian Grand Canal Shoppe  運河商店

白老虎兄弟魔術表演  Siegfried & Roy White Tiger Show at the Mirage


雲吞麵宵夜  Supper Takeout from Sam Woo BBQ House, Chinatown

家庭分享  Family Sharing

酒店自助早餐  Buffet Breakfast at Flamingo Hotel

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Home  History  Genealogy  Reunion 1998  Reunion 2000  Reunion 2002  Reunion 2004

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