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Lee Family Reunion

  Accommodation for the visitors 住宿豪宅

First arrival supper - Duck noodles 燒鴨瀨粉

Pickup members for a Lunch at Steveston Fishermen's Wharf

Deluxe Transportation 豪華車接送去漁人碼頭

Vancouver famous Pajo's Fish & Chips




Strolling along Fishermen's Wharf deck

Steveston Fishermen's Wharf 漁人碼頭

Farmers' Market 農夫市場

觀音廟 Goddess Temple

Gathering at William's Residence

Big Chef Lee 李大廚

Preparation at the Kitchen 廚房準備食材

Jackson & Winnie  李祖誠和呂穎欣

二姐與姐夫講述他們戀愛經過 Sister 2 detailing their romance

二姐與姐夫在弟妹前補喝新人酒  belated celebration

看電影 Movie Time

Karaoke Time

包車準備前往世界著名划雪勝地威士拿 Ready for Ski Resort Whistler

Chartered Van

威士拿 Whistler Ski Resort

Whistler - 2010 Winter Olympics Venue  威士拿2010年冬季奧運地點

Whistler Village

午餐 Lunch at Earl's Restaurant

Olympic Medalist rehearsal 祖莉贏了奧運金牌嗎?

Dinner at Alleluia Cafe 晚餐在歡欣餐廳

溫哥華著 名史丹利公園

Vancouver Stanley Park - overlooking City of Vancouver

史丹利公園 - 溫哥華市背景

Canadian Natives Haida Art Totem Poles 加拿大土著海達藝術圖騰柱

Lunch at Daimatsu Japanses Restaurent 午餐在日本餐廳

The Boat

Bento Box

日式便當和壽司船   Japanese Bento and Sushi Boat

Shopping at Aberdeen Shopping mall 香港仔商場

Dinner at Vogue Taiwanese Restaurant


Dim Sum Lunch at Empire Seafood Rest 廣東點心在帝苑海鮮酒家

Belated wedding present to the newly weds 遲來的新婚禮物 (誘人的内衣) 哈哈!


Shopping at Richmond Center

Family sharing time at William's Residence  家庭分享時候。。。

Dinner & Dance at Continental seafood Restaurant hosted by William


準備前往班芙,洛機山四日游 Ready tour to the Rockies

Tasting American Ginseng 品試花旗篸

自助午餐  Buffet Lunch

加拿大太平洋鉄路記念公園 Canadian Pacific Railway Memorial Garden

City of Golden  高登市


Chinese Dinner

酒店 - Best Western Mountain View Inn, Golden

Breakfast  中式早餐

Natural Bridge at Yoho National Park


Bear sighting is very common 到處可見大熊的蹤影

Bow Lake 弓湖

BowLake  弓湖

Lunch before visiting Columbia Icefield


Columbia Icefield  世界知名的哥倫比亞冰 川

排隊乘坐巨型雪車 Lineup for Ice Explorer

前往深達300公尺之亞達巴斯加冰河面 300km down to Athabasca Glacier

Snow fight 雪戰

Huge Ice Explorer Vehicle, specially designed for glacier travel

Drank Longevity water, Yeah!! 喝了長生不老的冰河水,嘢!

Athabasca Glacier 

Banff City 低達班芙市


Bow Falls

Banff City Centre 
班芙 市中心

又吃飯了!Meal Time again

Dinner at Chinese Restaurant 中式晚餐

Breakfast at Hotel


Cable car up to 7500ft Sulphur Mountain

在三小時内我們經歷了四季氣候  Experienced 4 seasons weather within 3 hours

Christmas in June 六月飛霜

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise  


Famous Chateau Lake Louise Buffet Lunch

 Lake Louise 露易仕湖

Ghost Town 鬼鎮

Visit Honey Farm - Planet Bee 參觀養蜂場

Our Hotel at Vernon Best Western 酒店


Chinese Dinner

Breakfast at Hotel, the Pantry


Kelowna Summerhill Winery 基隆那市Summerhill 酒莊


Beautiful Kelowna scenery


Farming Cart to visit the orchard 稻草車參觀果園

Your Driver....  你的司機 A La

Apple Cider 萍果酒


非禮勿言,非禮勿聼,非禮勿視 No Talk, No Listen, No See

Tour of Lake Okanagan (claimed sightings of Ogopogo)

Lunch at Chinese Restaurant


TaiChi Master 太極高手

Picture with Driver and Tour Guide 司機和導遊



Last break before heading home

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