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2018 Reunion will be held at Atlanta & Florida

Joyce and Sam Sam have been designated as event organizers

2018 年大李家庭聚會將 在美國阿特蘭大和佛羅里 達擧 行

由 李祖和 陳珊珊女士安排

12 Mar 2017
First Reunion feeler sent by Joyce & Sam:

To all lee family members,

Our 2018 reunion is approaching and Sam and I have taken on the task to organize.  We have tentatively set for a couple of days in Atlanta and then perhaps 3 days or so drive to a nearby destination ( in other words... beach, mountain, historical????). It's march already so Sam and I would like to get a head count on those interested in attending, lock down a location from Atlanta, and most importantly set dates. We are thinking of early September right after Labor Day US holiday so it's not crazy high season.  This is an initiation correspondence so any inputs are welcomed.

For those family members in china with correspondence via we chat, aunt chris would you mind forwarding this message to them?


Joyce and sam

26 Mar 2017
Follow up:

Dear lees,

I am following up on a previous email sent regarding our next reunion fall of 2018. So far I have a yes from:

William        4

Showalter   3

Anna.           2

Peter.           2

Sam.             1

Joyce.           1

We haven't heard from the rest yay or nay so in order to start the planning in regards to dates and itinerary, please do respond at your convenience in the next couple of weeks.



26 Mar 2017
John x 4
Ling x 5
Lily x 2

25 Apr
Message from Joyce:

Sam has kindly put together a table on the replys to date.
again, for those of you with wechat or are in contact with Lee family members in china, please do relate the correspondences as we need to narrow down a head count and set dates.

So far those you who reply yes.....the 2 window/options of dates are either in 1) mid to late August 2018 or 2) early to mid september 2018. The prices for august will be higher since the kids will still be on summer vacation here in the states. Many of you have replied saying you are flexible with either time with a  few requesting specifically august, So I am sending this email out to make sure everyone is aware and agree to the summer travel expenses and options in august if that is what you choose

I do ask your kind cooperation to please reply on your date preference?


2018 Lee Families Reunion Attendee List

revised as of 25-Apr-17
Family Attending Proposed schedule in 2018
Yes MayBe No
Peter 2     Flexible
Xiao Pao 4     Flexible
Xiao Pei (Host) 1     Flexible
William  4     Flexible
Ali 2 3   Request prior to Sept
Lily 2     Flexible
Ping Wah     2 Can't sit too long on plane
Christina 2     Flexible
Eli 1     Flexible
Anna  2     Flexible
Julie 3     Pending on schedule
Chong Ling 5     Tentative
Sam Sam (co-host) 1      
Ying Ying     6  

Total Count 29 3 8

Message from Joyce:

Dear Lee family,



Sam Sam and I met about a week ago to further details on our 2018 reunion...


1) tentative dates 8/12 sun. - 18 sat. (members arrive either sat 8/11 or sun 8/12 to Atl. and leaving from Atl. either evening of 8/18 sat. or 8/19 sun.)


2) Tentative schedule 2-3 days in Atlanta and 3 days in Florida gulf coast:


      Day 0    8/12  Arrival to Atlanta (we can arrange activites depends on your arrival)

      Day 1:   8/13  Atl. city tour (ideas: segway/electric cruzer city tour, world of coke, Georgia Aquarium, Martin luther king museum, CNN)

      Day 2:   8/14  Sunrise hike to stone mountain, Free afternoon, evening dinner

      Day 3:   8/15  drive to Florida gulf coast ( Destin/Sandestin)

      Day 4:   8/16  Beach Activities or Outlet Mall shopping

      Day 5:   8/17  Beach Activities, evening family meeting

      Day 6:   8/18  leave Florida to return to Atl. (members may choose to leave Atl. to return home that evening or sunday 8/19)


3) The above activities/location are flexible and any inputs are welcome, our thoughts are to allow family members to gather regardless of activities, the younger generation can enjoy more active outings while our respected senior members can congregate gather, chat it up, laugh, eat, and reunite...long as we are all together, so a beach house/resort in florida can give us the opportunity to do so family style in a casual relaxing setting 


4) How many rooms and persons per room will each family need so we can arrange for hotel accommodations.


5) Please kindly confirm these dates are ok with everyone as the email responses I gather was most folks are flexible and we most definitely want to include Ali's family and frederick so Sam and I set the above dates)


5) I hope I have not left any items or members out from this email and please forgive me if I do and kindly pass on the information. looking forward to your prompt response and inputs





2018 Lee Families Reunion Attendee List based on Aug Schedule

revised as of 20Jun-17
Family Attending Remarks
Yes MayBe No
Peter 2    
Xiao Pao 4    
Xiao Pei (Host) 1    
William  4    
Ali 3

Lily 2    
Ping Wah     2 Can't sit too long on plane
Christina 2    
Eli 1    
Anna  2    
Julie 3     Pending on schedule
Chong Ling 3  4  
Sam Sam (co-host) 1      
Ying Ying     6  
Lee Wei

Total Count 33

07Jan 2018

Dear Lees,


Here is the latest update on our 2018 reunion plans.

Day 0:   8/12  Arrival to Atlanta (we can arrange activites depends on your arrival)

Day 1:   8/13  Atl. city tour (ideas: segway/electric cruzer city tour, world of coke, Georgia Aquarium, Martin luther king museum, CNN)

Day 2:   8/14  Sunrise hike to stone mountain, Free afternoon, evening dinner

Day 3:  8/15   Drive to Florida Gulf course

Day 4:  8/16  Beach Activities and Outlet Mall Shopping

Day 5:  8/17  Beach Activities and evening Family meeting

Day 6:  8/18  Leave Florida and return to ATL.  (members choose to leave Atlanta to return home that evening or Sun 8/19)



For the Florida vacation home, we have selected VILLA PARADISO and below is the link to the house for all of us to stay together under one roof. (The cost will be about $5970 total for all of us (26 adults 4 kids) for the entire stay. This averages out to be $229.62 per person for the three nights. Please let me know if you all are ok with this house and the cost so I can make the reservation ASAP.



William's Note:  Above link is no longer available and the new link should be:


Also, for the Atlanta part, we are trying to secure hotel rooms for each family so please RE-confirm once again how many rooms/beds you all need AGAIN (sorry) so we can get a group pricing and get back to you. ( Or those of you who want to use your points for the Marriott, let me know). The hotel we are selecting is the Marriott off century boulevard by clairmont road in Atlanta, GA.



Please give your confirmation and reply by Jan 10,2018. 


looking forward to hearing from You all! CANT WAIT







Just want to make sure since there will be 2 mini dogs attending their own doggy reunion (CoCo and Maggie) that you all are not allergic to dogs. Please let me know


21 Jan
Dear Lee Families:

Here's the latest update to our reunion 2018.


1) We are still in the process of organizing activities to accommodate all individuals....For those of you who are interested in touring (1st timer perhaps) Atlanta,  here is the link to CityPass link:  atlanta.    (this is a great deal pass that allows you to site see the main Atlanta highlights including CNN, Coca Cola Museum, Georgia Aquarium and more). Please let us know whether you are planning for the tour activities so we can plan for others accordingly

2) FYI, our diet will be consisting of traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, as well as some traditional southern cuisine. Please let us know if any of you have any food allergy.

3) We will be planning a bowling event as well as Stone Mountain outing for the entire Lee Reunion attendees


1) We have reserved the house and here is the link. (www.destinluxurybeachrentals.com). The property is called Villa Paradiso

2) We are in the process of reserving a family boat cruise on August 17th

3) We have reserved 3 15 people vans (drivers: John, Joyce, Sam Sam) to transport us to and from Altanta to Destin Florida.

4) Please let us know as there will be some free time if any individuals are interested in other activities like Parasailing, fishing, banana boat etc.. so we can provide information

5) FYI. The house community club has tennis courts, swimming pool etc, please be sure to check out the house link site for more details

6) For those hardcore traditional Lees don't worry, we will arrange for a shopping excursion to the local outlet mall as well.

Last but not least, this is the latest attendee list, accommodations, and days participated for the reunion.

Family Attending Count for Transportation fm ATL to Florida & Return Accomodation in Florida
(total headcount to divide rental house expense)
ATL HTL required in  ATL Florida
Adults Kids <2yrs # of Rooms Notes Adults Kids <2yrs
Peter, Elaine 2       2   2 2  
John, May, Hugo, Sky 2 2     2 2 4 2  
Joyce (Host) 1       1   1 1  
William, Janet 2     Make own reservations using points 2   2 2  
Jackson, Winnie 2              
Ali, Maggie, Frederick 3   1   3   3 3  
Lily, Denny 2     Make own reservations using points 2   2 2  
Christina, Nathan 2   1   2   2 2  
Eli       will join in Florida 1     1  
Anna, Alan 2   1   2   2 2 Coco
Julie, Shin, Noah       will join in Florida 2 1   2  
Wei Li 10 2 5 2 rms required accomdtn for kids 10 2 12 10  
Sam Sam (Host) 1       1   1 1  
Total 29 4 8   30 5 31 30  

10Jun 2018



here are several updates regarding our reunion plans.


1) our accommodation in Destin Florida has changed from "villa Paradiso" to "Kings castle" and here is the link to the property.  http://www.destinluxurybeachrentals.com/rentals/kings-castle

the address is: 104 shirah street, Destin, Fla. 32541


2) regarding the Atlanta activities: we plan to visit the following on DAY 1:


      a).  Stone Mountain for a morning hike up or cable car up. here is the link: https://www.stonemountainpark.com

      b).  Martin Luther king center fro civil rights. heres the link:  http://www.thekingcenter.org

      c). night time family bowling if time permits


3) Day 2 will be a "free day" for those who have not been to Atlanta before and would like to tour the city highlights like World of coca-cola, CNN, Aquarium, etc. for the others we can plan a shopping trip to outlet mall or just hang out and bond


4) as for the Florida part of the reunion, we are looking into a few options of either chartering our private boat for a 2 hour Destin cruise at the cost of about $80/adult versus joining other people on the boat. please let me know if the cost is acceptable (by June 24) as I think for a little more money but at least we can have our own boat. here is the link: http://www.dolphincruisesdestinfl.com/dolphincruises


5) here are the cell phones for Joyce (678-778-6650), Sam  (678-427-2292) fro communications. please let us know if anyone will not have phone access and will need to other means.



thats all for now, folks!!





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Posted by William Lee
Last updated on 10 Jun 2018

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